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Our Social Value

Our Social Value

Brady Construction Services engage with our supply chain to promote and achieve best practice, and to improve the image of construction as a main contractor. In our business we endeavour to maximise social value through the procurement process and support our sub-contractors to deliver more and better social value through our contracts.

Brady Construction Services understand the essential role that procurement must play in making sure individuals and communities’ benefit from inward investment and to put social value at the core of business culture.

Our sites are regularly monitored for compliance with company procedures. In meeting this commitment, we address many of the concerns surrounding the impact of the construction upon the local community. Regular newsletters keep residents and business users informed, and we engage with the community by offering visits and presentations to local groups, colleges, and schools during the duration of the project.

Our aim will be to leave a positive impression with the community and minimise any disruption resulting from the building process.

Brady Construction Services
Brady Construction Services

Where possible, our proposed sub-contractors will be based locally. All our material suppliers are locally based companies, and several of the specified products are manufactured locally including timber cladding, concrete blocks, beam & block flooring, sands, aggregates, windows and external doors, and steel frames.

As part of our Equality and Diversity policy, we use our supply chain as a potential means of improving the living and working standards of people in the communities that we work within. We provide opportunities for the next generation of construction workers through apprenticeship schemes, and we engage with employment and skills support personnel in both Devon and Cornwall to identify areas where we can collaboratively work together. Working together, we can strengthen the voice of the construction industry with further business collaboration to heighten the awareness of the built environment sector and its importance to encourage new people into the industry.

Our Policies

At Brady Construction Services we work extremely hard to follow our policies, so that our business is doing everything it can to look after our team, clients and the environment.

Health & Safety Policy

Put quite simply, Brady Construction Services will not allow our work to endanger the well-being of any employee or member of the public.

Safety performance is at the top of the agenda at every Board Meeting and regular seminars and training attended by our staff keep safety to the forefront of all our operations.

Our commitment to continued improvement of our Health & Safety performance has been acknowledged by Constructionline.

Brady Construction Services
Brady Construction Services

Quality Policy

Brady Construction Services aims to succeed on the quality of our service and product every time. Our aim is to always meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Extensive procedures ensure that we identify their exact requirements and put in place resources that will deliver.

Environment Policy

Brady Construction Services recognise the potential for our work to cause serious environmental harm to local communities and as a result implement strict procedures to ensure that suitable control measures are always in force.

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