We believe that buildings must not come at an extreme cost of the natural environment. So we make every effort to take greener decisions for a responsible choice when it comes to the environment.

By its nature, building work has an impact. The most environmentally-friendly building work is of sufficient quality to last, meaning less use of on-going resources.

To that end we make the greenest choices along the way and recycle as much as possible including segregating waste, recycling timber & materials wherever we can and incorporating green features to developments such as ground-source and air-source heating systems. In particular, we are proud to commit to the following:

  • Supporting local economies by employing local staff, suppliers and trade specialists wherever we can.
  • The reduction of our CO2 footprint by sourcing local materials wherever possible including aggregates, concrete, blocks, timber, windows and staircases.
  • Ensuring all timber is sourced from FSC accredited suppliers.
  • The reduction of landfill by accurate ordering in the first instance and sorting and recycling waste on site where possible.
  • The minimisation of transporting bulk waste materials off-site by investigating options for retaining these materials on-site thereby reducing CO2, landfill use and project cost.
  • Reducing our impact on neighbours and the local businesses by interacting and forward planning disruptive activities like parking, noise and deliveries.